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What Would You Do? (HD, New) Scenarios inspired by movies are featured; a customer yells at a waiter for stuttering; a mother makes her daughter try on clothing that is too small.
20/20 (HD, New, TV-PG) A report is conducted on children whose parents say that their kids have rapidly developed psychiatric and neurological issues after dealing with strep throat.
News10 @ 11:00pm (New) The day's major news events and late breaking stories are presented by the News 10 Team, along with the latest Albany area weather and tomorrow's forecast.
Jimmy Kimmel Live (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Actor Terry Crews from "Sorry to Bother You"; actor Bobby Cannavale from "Boundaries"; musical guest Todd Rundgren's Utopia performs.

Good Times Florida's Protest (TV-PG) Florida organizes a boycott of the local grocery store after the kids get food poisoning from eating spoiled meat, but soon find herself facing repercussions.
Good Times The Mural (TV-PG) Thelma remains short on tuition after receiving a scholarship but J.J. agrees to give her the money he is supposed to earn for painting a mural inside a bank.
Sanford and Son The Merger (TV-PG) Julio has grown tired of the junk business, so Lamont comes up with an idea that Sanford & Son Salvage should merge with Julio's business.
Sanford and Son Once a Thief (TV-PG) Lamont's friend, Herman, has just been released from prison and does not have a place to reside, so Lamont says he may stay at the Sanford residence.
All in the Family What'll We Do with Stephanie? (TV-PG) After Edith's cousin doesn't show up to reclaim his daughter, Stephanie, Archie decides that he and Edith should give the girl up for adoption.
All in the Family Edith's Final Respects (TV-PG) Edith is shocked when she attends a funeral services for her Aunt Rose and realizes that she is the only one to pay respects to the deceased.

Call 911 Defense Living (HD, TV-PG) A thief's home invasion attempt is thwarted by a lone teen; a verbal disagreement turns physical when the victim is choked; a mother becomes nonresponsive.
Call 911 Intersection Traumas (HD, TV-PG) The 911 dispatchers aid three sisters trapped in their vehicle after a traumatic accident, and an adolescent who crashed into a car while driving his go-kart.
World's Most Evil Killers Stephen Griffiths (TV-14)
Cold Case Files Vintage Murder; Trouble in Paradise (TV-14) Policemen reopen a 25-year-old rape/murder case; a confession made to a "Baywatch" star leads police to a murder suspect.

Without a Trace Showdown (HD, TV-14) When the team is ambushed while transporting a detainee, Martin is seriously injured in the process, causing Jack, Samantha and Danny to hunt for an assassin.
Without a Trace Safe (HD, TV-14) When a teenage genius suddenly disappears, the team rushes to find the missing boy after realizing that the teen may be planning to bomb his school.
Without a Trace From the Ashes (HD, TV-14) While searching for a missing prostitute, FBI rookie Delgado realizes that her New York street smarts may not be enough.
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